Step into the Fast Lane with Wush Racing

Wush Racing stands at the forefront of time attack racing in the USA, a powerhouse that not only competes but dominates. With an illustrious track record that includes clinching the Global Time Attack Championship in 2019 and shattering numerous track records, we redefine the limits of speed and precision on every circuit we conquer.

Key Achievements:

  1. Global Time Attack Champions 2019: In 2019, Wush Racing emerged as the Global Time Attack Champions, a testament to our dedication to excellence and the relentless pursuit of victory. Our championship-winning performance showcased not only speed but the meticulous engineering and skill that define Wush Racing.
  2. Track Records Shattered: Wush Racing isn’t just a contender; we are record-breakers. With a passion for pushing boundaries, our team has left an indelible mark on tracks across the nation, rewriting records and setting new standards for time attack excellence.
  3. Diverse Racing Platforms: From Global Time Attack and Super Lap Battle to Gridlife, SCCA, and NASA, Wush Racing actively competes in the most prestigious racing leagues. Our versatility and adaptability showcase a commitment to excellence that transcends individual competitions.
  4. Venturing into Hillclimb Rally Racing: The spirit of competition drives us to new heights. Wush Racing is expanding its horizons, venturing into the thrilling world of hillclimb rally racing. This evolution reflects our commitment to conquering new challenges and pushing the limits in diverse racing disciplines.

Comprehensive Services:

  1. Trackside Support: Wush Racing isn’t just about winning races; we’re about fostering a community of enthusiasts. Our trackside support services ensure that fellow racers have the assistance they need, creating an environment where every participant can push their limits.
  2. Driver Coaching Services: At Wush Racing, we understand that success on the track requires skill and strategy. Our driver coaching services provide invaluable insights, allowing aspiring racers to refine their technique and experienced drivers to further hone their skills.

Step into the world of Wush Racing, where victories aren’t just won; they’re earned through relentless dedication, precision engineering, and an unyielding pursuit of speed. Join us on the journey as we continue to break barriers, set records, and redefine the landscape of time attack racing in the USA. Fasten your seatbelts; the legacy of Wush Racing is one of speed, triumph, and the pursuit of greatness on the racetrack.