Race Shop

Unveiling Excellence in Race Car Engineering and Modification

Nestled in the heart of the Indianapolis area, Wush Racing is not just a racing team but a powerhouse of automotive expertise. Our Race Shop is a testament to our commitment to precision engineering, race car modification, and the pursuit of automotive excellence.

Our Race Shop Services:

  1. Full-Service Expertise: Wush Racing’s Race Shop is a haven for automotive enthusiasts seeking unparalleled expertise. As a full-service shop, we offer a comprehensive range of services, from routine maintenance to intricate race car modifications, ensuring that your vehicle is in peak condition for the challenges of the track.
  2. Fabrication Mastery: Precision meets craftsmanship in our fabrication department. Our skilled team employs state-of-the-art techniques to create bespoke components, enhancing performance and durability. From chassis modifications to custom parts, Wush Racing’s fabrication capabilities are at the forefront of automotive innovation.
  3. Parts Production: Wush Racing is not just a consumer; we’re a creator. Our in-house parts production facility manufactures components that meet the exacting standards of our racing team. Every part is engineered with precision and rigor, ensuring quality that stands up to the rigors of high-speed racing.
  4. Race Car Engineering: Entrust your race car to the experts. Wush Racing’s Race Shop specializes in race car engineering, fine-tuning every aspect of your vehicle for optimal performance. Our team leverages years of racing experience to enhance speed, agility, and overall race track dominance.

Wush Racing’s Race Shop is not just a destination for automotive servicing; it’s a hub of innovation, where the artistry of racing meets the precision of engineering. Though our doors may not be open to new customers now, the echoes of our achievements on the track and in the shop resound throughout the racing community. Stay tuned for future developments, as Wush Racing continues to push the boundaries of automotive excellence.